Program USP Campus Run

10:30: Opening desk for day registrations, baggage drop-off & company team space at Sportcentrum Olympos.

10:30: Mini-lecture Professor Maarten van Bottenburg (free).

11:30: Start of the 1 KM Kidsrun.

12:00:  Start of the 10 kilometer run.

12:45: Start of the 5 kilometer run.

10:30 – 15:00: Music and entertainment at the finish area.

15:00: End of program and closing of baggage (drop-off & pick-up).

Mini-lecture M. van Bottenburg

Prior to the Kidsrun, you can participate (free of charge) in a mini-lecture about sports as part of the Weekend of Science. Professor Maarten van Bottenburg would like to know what makes sport special, what sport means to us and whether there are problems in sport that we can solve. In this mini-lecture he talks about the significance of sport for your health. There are more and more people who do not exercise much, is that bad? Should you exercise because it’s healthy? And is sport always healthy? Are you curious about the answers to these questions? Then come to this mini-lecture and then participate in the Kidsrun!

Practical information mini-lecture & kidsrun
Time: 10:30 – 11:00 (free)
Location:  Lecture hall Atlas, Victor J. Koningsberger building
Start Kidsrun:  11:30 am at Sportcentrum Olympos, Uppsalalaan 3

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Starts: 11:30 hrs

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Starts: 12:00 hrs

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Starts: 12:45 hrs

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